Cliffside Park Towne Centre

Towne Centre Photo Gallery

Redevelopment Updates:

July 25, 2017

The south roof tiles are being installed. Capping around the roof top pool is being installed.

Tile decking on the plaza level is being installed.

The gazebo roof has been covered with a rubber membrane. The interior ceiling sheet rock is started. Decorative stone work has begun in the gazebo lobby.

Concrete bases for the street lights have been set and bolts aligned.

Lobby wooden wall and column panels are being installed.

North tower retail area core is mostly taped and ready for paint.

South tower retail area is being cleaned and some core is being sheet rocked.

Penthouse: Kitchen faucets have been installed. Toilets have been distributed. Hallway ceiling water lines are being finished. Some apartment finish work is being done.

12th Floor: Painting and touch up work being done.

11th Floor: Toilets are installed. Wood flooring and baseboard is being installed. Apartment door handles and lights are installed.

10th Floor: Appliances are being distributed. Wood flooring and baseboard is complete. Bathroom fixtures and lights are installed.

9th Floor: Appliances are being installed. Apartment and cabinet door handles are installed.

8th Floor: The hallway has been painted the finished color. Closet shelving is being installed. Appliances are all installed.

7th Floor: Swept clean.

6th Floor: The hallway is painted the finished color. Floor is cleaned.

5th Floor: Apartment numbers are installed.

4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st Floor: Apartments are cleaned and hallways are painted the finished color.

1st Floor Gym Area: Walls are painted. Flooring is complete. Lighting is installed. Exercise equipment is in place.

Mezzanine level Apartments are mostly completed.

Garage levels 1 and 2 are painted clean and dry.

August 4, 2017

The plaza perimeter railings have been installed. Plaza tile decking is 1/3 completed. The decorative perimeter stone work is mostly done. The Lawton Ave. plaza entrance ceiling is being finished.

The gazebo roof is having metal roofing installed. The elevator here is done. Decorative stone work is being installed around the elevator shaft. All exterior glass doors and trim work is complete.

Trees and greenery has been planted along Glen St. The planter on Lawton Ave. is having the shrubbery and greens installed.

The lobby canopy is complete. Wooden panels in the lobby on walls and columns are near complete. The offices in the rear of the lobby are painted.

South tower roof tiles are 2/3 complete. Pool capping and tile work is done. South tower core is being taped and swept clean.

Penthouse: Toilets and fixtures are being installed. Appliances are being distributed. Apartment finish painting is being done. Water lines in the hallway ceiling are near complete. Sheet rock is loaded for the hallway ceiling.

12th Floor: Appliances are distributed. Cabinet handles are on. Bathroom fixtures are installed.

11th Floor: Wood flooring is being installed. Some touch up work being done.

10th Floor: Bedroom carpeting and appliances are being installed.

9th Floor: The hallway is painted the finished color. Apartments are mostly complete. Some touch up work is being done.

8th Floor: Hallway is painted. Apartments mostly complete. Some touch up work being done.

7th Floor: Hallways are painted. Wire closet shelving is being installed.

6th Floor: Some painting is being done. Some touch up.

Floors 5 thru the mezzanine levels the apartments are complete. Carpeting is installed in the hallways up to the 3rd floor. All stairwells throughout the complex are cleaned and painted or ready to paint.

1st floor exercise rooms are mostly finished and equipment is installed. Steam rooms and saunas are finished. Shower room floors are sealed and walls are ready for paint or tile.