Cliffside Park Towne Centre

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Redevelopment Updates:

October, 2017

All apartments are completed with most cleaned. The hallways have been finished to the penthouse. The lobby is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A receptionist is at the desk. The rental office is on the 10th floor. As of now, over 40 apartments have been rented. Residents have begun moving in.

The post office has given the site an address of 1 Town Centre with the apartment number as direct mailing addresses.

Plaza lighting has been installed and is working. Decorative flower boxes are in place on the plaza.

The restaurant on the north tower plaza level is moving smoothly and a November 18th opening is planned. A coffee shop and bank are scheduled to begin construction along with the chocolate store soon.

The gazebo ceiling is painted and near completion. The sprayers in the fountain have been adjusted. All hand rails on plaza stairways are complete. Air shaft grating is ordered, waiting on delivery.

The saunas and showers on the 3rd floor adjacent to the south tower pool area are near complete. The roof top cabanas by the pool are being installed. The pool is clean and ready for the finished coating.

The garbage chutes are functioning and have buttons to separate garbage from recyclables.

The rear loading area at the bottom of the north access road has been poured concrete. The perimeter fencing along the rear retaining wall bordering the neighbors is being installed. The garage ramp area is sealed and ready for finished concrete. Lighting has been installed along the rear plaza and ramp area.

The level 3 garage area is ¾ painted. Lighting is installed and all exit signs. Construction materials have been largely removed and floors are being swept clean. All other garage levels are painted, swept clean, lighted and striped.

Men are working 7 days a week.